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Oracle License Optimization in Retail Austria – How we worked with our client to revise Oracle licensing and achieve savings of more than 50% and how effective license management can help improve the technical performance of systems.

Our Oracle license optimization in the retail sector in Austria has shown that effective license management can help to achieve significant savings while improving the technical performance of the systems.

We recently helped one of our retail customers in Austria to optimize their Oracle licensing and achieve significant savings. The customer used a variety of Oracle products, including Oracle Database, Oracle Middleware and Oracle Applications. However, the licensing of these products was unclear and the customer was not sure if they had the right licenses and if they had configured their Oracle systems optimally.

Working with the customer, we reviewed their Oracle licensing and usage and found that they actually had more licenses than they needed. We recommended a licensing adjustment that allowed the customer to meet its requirements while reducing its costs by approximately 50%.

In addition, we worked with the customer to technically optimize their Oracle systems to improve performance and stability. By reviewing and optimizing their Oracle licenses and systems, the customer was able to realize significant savings without compromising performance or compliance.

Our success in this project is based on our extensive knowledge of Oracle software and our ability to develop customized solutions for our customers’ individual requirements. We work closely with our customers to optimize their Oracle licensing and systems to ensure they achieve the best possible results.

If you would like to learn more about our Oracle license optimization in the retail sector in Austria, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced consultants are available to answer your questions and help you achieve the optimal results for your business.


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